24 Things I've learned in 24 years


On Monday, February 18, 2019 I turned 24 years old. This makes me an Aquarius, but I'm on the cusp of being a Pisces zodiac sign. During my years, I've had different birthday celebrations. From partying way too hard, having the greatest laughs and seeing many people, to more smaller gatherings of closer friends. In order to grow, I needed to experience them all. Here's what I've learned in these last 24 years. These are lessons that I've encountered, but I'm still working on most of them. Some lessons may intertwine with other lessons. 

  1. Look at people's souls and vibes instead of judging them on appearance. They always tend to surprise you after you get to know someone better, so look at new people differently and always keep an open mind. 

  2. Listen with an open heart. See what people's intentions are for the things they do and say, without assuming your own thoughts about them and believing those assumptions. 

  3. Talk. Communicate. Listen. Understand. Communication is key. And even though you tend to keep things inside, talking it out with people gives the most beautiful moments. 

  4. Be your authentic self, fearlessly. Don't try to fit in. Not in a mould made to "educate" people. Not in politics. Not in social gatherings. Not on social media. Show those damn rainbow colours! If people don't like it, that's not your tribe. 

  5. Let people finish their stories, without wanting to have an interesting reaction. Don't listen to react, but listen to understand. 

  6. Everyone is here with a purpose. And that purpose can totally be different from yours. Even their opinions, perspectives and morals can be different and need to be respected. The world would be a dull place if everyone thought in exactly the same way. 

  7. Step away from people, conversations, social media accounts, internet discussions, anything that doesn't either educate, bring joy, makes you laugh, bring awareness, or interests you. 

  8. Try every day again to be the best version of yourself. Begin with a new slate every day. The good things you have done yesterday are erased. As are the bad. Let's start over, try again. Only to become better and better, every single day. And if all you can do that day is get out of bed, then that's okay too. At least we tried. We'll try again tomorrow. As long as we keep going and trying, it's okay to sometimes have a bad day. Life is about ups and downs, otherwise we would be dead. 

  9. Let go of those old stories you keep telling yourself. We shed layers and layers. Every second you are already a new version of yourself. What used to be true once, could have changed now. And many beliefs you’ve had before, weren't even true at all, but were taught by others or society. 

  10. Don't try to fit in one gender role if you don't feel that way. We all have masculine and feminine energy inside of us, and they both are always in harmony, only the amounts differ in different people. 

  11. Wear the clothes that represent what you feel that day or that represent your soul. You don't have to play by the fashion rules, wear whatever you want. 

  12. You can't fight hate with hate. Only love can conquer. Treat the people you feel have wronged you with love and compassion. That doesn't mean you have to keep them in your life though. You can respectfully walk away to protect your own energy. 

  13. Forgive. Holding grudges only hurts, either you or the other person. So let it go. Again, that doesn't mean you can't walk away though. 

  14. Give yourself time and space to heal. 

  15. Love yourself fully. And get to know yourself, in every form. 

  16. What you think, you attract into reality. Frequenties don't lie. 

  17. Fear only exists in the mind. If it scares you, do it anyway. The best lessons, and most bliss moments, lie on the other side of fear. (Inspired by Will Smith's skydiving video.)

  18. You are most creative and thriving at night, so don't try to be an early bird for the sake of others. If you need that nighttime schedule, plan it. Be that night owl you truly are. It doesn't matter what other people think of this. They might be early birds. But if you want to get things done, and you know how to, do it that way. Just make sure you get those 8 hours of sleep every day to nourish your body, mind and soul and you're good to go, no matter the time. As time is only an illusion (said by Einstein). 

  19. People might want the best for you, but they can be wrong in what they think of you, how they want to help you, or what they say. In the end, you know yourself best. So take it in, but don't forget your own perception. 

  20. Let it go. (Let it gooooo. Frozen's best song.)

  21. What makes you different is where your uniqueness lies. That is your bliss point. You might be weird, but that's your strength. You might be misunderstood, and lonely but turn that around and make it your power. 

  22. Always keep learning new things. 

  23. Never forget who you are. (Lion King.) Keep sharing those good vibes!

  24. You can change the world. Even if it's only by a ripple effect.