How to declutter your social media


I hear a lot of people talking about how they think Facebook and Instagram are not showing any content they like, and some even decided to delete their account because of this. I can imagine people not wanting to participate in this social media endeavour that we are so addicted to. But I think there are actually very valuable content creators on these platforms. After all, the user is the one who decides what they want to see in their feed. Now, you might be thinking, how am I deciding what I see on social media? Well, you have the power to unfollow and follow whoever you like. You can even stay friends with certain people on Facebook, without following their content. To me, this is gold. Every 6 months, I go through the people and pages I follow on social media, and I check if I still think that they provide something valuable to my feed.

Why is this important?

If you are very motivated by something, you want to see more of it when you scroll through your feed. But if you see something that doesn't motivate you at all, or doesn't interest you, why would you want to keep seeing it, if you can also see more inspiring content instead? Did you know that people worldwide aged between 16 and 24 years old, spend an average of 3 hours a day on social media according to this report? That is a lot of time spend on phones. In my opinion, we better make it worthwhile.

Whenever I spend time on social media, I make sure that it is worth my time, as time is the most valuable thing we have in this life. To me, the most important factors of something being worthy in my feed are:

1. It makes me happy

2. It makes me aware

3. It inspires me

4. It motivates me

5. It makes me sad or angry, in this case I review the post individually to see if it is something I am passionate about (like animal cruelty, it is not something you want to see, but it reminds me that this is still a problem we need to find a solution for and therefore it is important in my feed so that I keep focus on what I think is important).

By decluttering this mental space you save for content that you see, you will experience more clarity and you will be more focused on your goals. It is incredibly important that you do not fill your mental space with things that do not interest you at all. Now, everyone has different interests and that is the beauty of it. You are totally free to examine what you find important and declutter your social media based upon those standards. Just make sure that your valuable time is spent on something that interests you.

Pages I follow

As a bonus, I have included some accounts and pages that I follow, who have helped me on my spiritual journey and who I think deliver valuable content:

TED: Facebook, Instagram

Higher Perspectives: Facebook, Instagram

Live Learn Evolve: Facebook, Instagram

Educate Inspire Change: Facebook, Instagram

Spirit Science: Facebook, Instagram

Kurzgesagt: Facebook, Instagram

Prince Ea: Facebook, Instagram

Nas Daily: Facebook, Instagram

Jay Shetty: Facebook, Instagram

Pineal Vision: Instagram

The Free Thought Project: Instagram

What If: Facebook, Instagram

Higher Conscious Habits: Instagram

Dilute the Power: Facebook, Instagram

Aligned Awakening: Facebook, Instagram

Awakening People: Facebook, Instagram

We Are Wildness: Facebook, Instagram

Infinite Waters: Facebook, Instagram

Sustainable Human: Facebook

The Secret: Facebook, Instagram

The Power of the Heart: Facebook, Instagram

Jason Silva: Facebook, Instagram

Kyle Cease: Facebook

Ikenna Visuals: Facebook, Instagram

iShaktie-devi: Instagram

Kris the Cat: Instagram

Sorelle Amore: Facebook, Instagram

Alexa’s Earth: Instagram

Lavendaire: Instagram

The Bucket List Family: Facebook, Instagram

Ellen Fisher: Facebook, Instagram

Plantiful Soul: Instagram

Isabella Brown: Instagram