Universe calling


Disclaimer: All I will be stating below is from my perspective and might clash with your beliefs. I state them as if it were the truth, because I truly believe this is the truth, but if you believe something different, then that is perfectly fine. I respect everyone’s beliefs and am in no way bashing on other beliefs. I am just sharing what I think is the truth so it might help and inspire anyone who is on a similar journey.

Knowing your purpose is the most powerful tool you can acquire. It is the very essence of your whole being. The reason why you are alive. Fulfilling it is your ultimate goal. Your purpose is not just one thing. You keep fulfilling small goals that together form the purpose as one big goal. Your true purpose will not be something like ´be a lawyer´or ´be a waste collector´. It will be more like ´connecting´ or ´set in motion´ or in my case ´bring harmony´. By doing little things that ´connect´, ´set in motion´ or ´bring harmony´, the people with that purpose will automatically fulfill their purpose in the long run.

If you don't know how to fulfill your purpose, the Universe will send you omens. Little signs in the right direction. If you choose not to follow these signs, the Universe will scream louder and louder until it is unbearable. You cannot shut out the Universe, as you are a part of it. Keep walking away from what you know is true and it will make you miserable until you go on the right track again.

This is what happened to me in October 2018, when the Universe gave me so many signs that I had to change up my way of living to find another path. At first, I did not want to listen, because I was attached to my own personal desires, so the Universe started to scream louder. Now, you might be thinking; “What is this girl rambling about? The Universe screaming? I’ve never heard such nonsense!” Well, it isn’t that literal. The Universe doesn’t talk in words, nor does it scream. I use these words to emphasize how it feels when the Universe is making contact. Because, call me crazy or not, it does feel like it is screaming. The Universe talks in frequencies and vibrations. You, as a human being, pick up these frequencies and experience them in a way that is known to you, like the feeling you get when someone is yelling at you. I think you have to experience it for yourself in order to fully understand what I am trying to explain, as it is really hard to explain something so vague like this.

The Universe Calling and the omens could be anything from little signs in numbers, animals and nature, people that come onto your path, synchronicities and epiphanies.

When you choose to follow this inner calling, you will get more signs to the next goal, and you will feel incredibly happy. Your purpose is like the love of your life, the most important thing that exists and you would give your life for it, it is that powerful. The happiness you feel when you are on the right path is indescribable, but I’ll try anyway; It feels like a tight hug from a loved one, or the first sunbeams that hit your face after a long and cold winter, or when you finally reap the benefits of something you have worked really hard for (like a good grade in school, or a job promotion you really wanted). It’s a weird kind of inner happiness, unique and comforting. You feel it in your veins, it’s all bubbly and jumpy. You can’t stop laughing and dancing and singing, even if those are not your best talents. It’s so good, so euphoric, like a drug, all you want is more of it. I think that is a really smart move of the Universe, because by making this such a good experience opposed to the horrible experience of not following the signs, the chances are so much higher for you to do follow the next signs, as you want this happy feeling again and forever.

The Universe gives these signs in waves, and if you listen and understand them, you will be rewarded with more happiness. There is nothing more important than fulfilling your purpose, not even your own desires. That’s why it’s convenient if you are already spiritually awakened and you want to let go of your personal desires by yourself. If you aren’t awakened or in an early stage of awakening, this practice may feel harsh or challenging or you want to quit altogether. But unfortunately for the runners, once the Universe has chosen to send you signs, there is no way going back. This is actually a good thing, although I made it sound a bit scary. If everyone would feel this amazing happiness, keep fulfilling their small goals and ultimately their big purpose, the world would be in its highest, most pleasurable state. Though I do believe that everything is going the way it is supposed to be going. It is all written, so whatever state the Earth is in right now, is the state it needs to be in right now, even if it sounds heart wrecking.

One of the desires you might have to let go of, are certain ways of living and people in your environment that are not in line with what you have to do. But, in most cases, these experiences mirror us, so that even though they are out of line with what you have to do, they still prepare you in the right way by holding up the mirror and showing you which way to go. As I am the bringer of harmony, I believe that there could be a balance of things that help you towards your goals, and things that you just enjoy for the sake of it. Like Yin and Yang, we need good and bad things in our lives to simply be alive, and some things aren’t even good or bad at all, they are just things. You just have to remember that you can feel whether it is a good or bad choice or just a choice. Your gut feeling, or heart, is your guide in things like these and you need to start listening to it.

A very controversial thought is that even bad people that do awful stuff on this Earth have a reason to be here. Maybe they need to do the bad stuff so that other people will take action to solve problems that were otherwise invisible. What I mean by that, is that even bad people have a purpose and although we don’t know what that purpose is, it might be doing something bad in order for something good to come along in another way, like a collateral beauty. It sounds really horrible, and I am aware of that, but I truly believe this, even if it hurts inside of me to say it because I know it hurts victims of abusers, murderers or any other victims of bad people. Like with all things, I vouch for treating such things with love and compassion rather than more hate. Because even if I want harmony and balance, that doesn’t mean 50/50 or 100 for either good or bad. We, unfortunately, need both. That is the concept of Yin and Yang. I’d like to think that I bring positivity, but in reality, I bring truth, which consists of both positive and negative energies that we need both to understand life fully.

A lot of desires and actions come forth of the ego mind. Once we separate ourselves from the ego, we will find a consciousness that is willing to sacrifice what once was in order to fulfill the ultimate purpose. How to let go of the ego, is greatly explained by Eckhart Tolle in his book a New Earth which I am listening to at the moment.

Getting in tune with your Universe Calling is something natural that doesn’t happen overnight. It is a process and can be challenging, but once you give yourself over fully, all that is left is bliss and happiness and you wouldn’t want it any other way. I am not yet at that point. To me, it is still challenging to choose my purpose over everything I used to believe and all my personal desires that don’t go hand in hand with my purpose. But as it is a journey, I trust the Universe fully for showing me the ways and signs to get there at some point in my life. For now, I am truly grateful for this Universe Calling as it has taught me so many valuable lessons.