Kimberly Corrente

Handmade crystal necklaces

Crafted with love and real natural crystals and stones


What are crystals?

A crystal is a solid material of which the atoms, ions or molecules are arranged in a highly ordered microscopic structure. This can be found in ice, metal and rocks. A mineral crystal can be cut and polished to be used in jewelry, we call these gemstones. Some rocks and organic materials that are not minerals are also considered gemstones. It is common to call all these kinds of gemstones crystals as well, even if they might not all be crystals themselves. I call all my stones, rocks, gemstones and crystals; crystals. A gem can be a crystal whereas a crystal will not always be a gem.

Real crystals are formed by minerals and water that together form a cluster of atoms. Not all of them are formed by water. Some are formed by an element called carbon. This is also how they attain their properties.


How do crystals work?

Crystals hold certain properties depending on the kind of crystal. To learn more about the different kind of crystals and their properties, visit a crystal guide online like Energy Muse.  

I personally think crystals work because of four reasons:

1. Energy vibrations

2. Minerals

3. Law of attraction

4. Placebo


So every thing in this universe is energy. Quantum Physics is showing us this. All energy vibrates on a certain frequency. Different forms of matter vibrate on different vibrational frequencies. A tree vibrates on a different speed and frequency than a fox and so on.  Different kinds of crystals also vibrate on different frequencies depending on their size, material and color. By surrounding yourself with objects vibrating on certain frequencies, you can change your frequency.

Crystals are formed by minerals and those minerals decide the property of a certain crystal.

Science calls crystal healing a placebo effect. This is because there's no studies yet proving that crystals can help with physical health problems. Placebo is used a lot in modern medicine. By believing something will take your symptomps away, it can to a certain point actually make the symptomps dissapear. I think there's also a difference between physical health and mental health regarding crystal healing. 


To me, the placebo effect works because of the Law of Attraction. By believing something is already true, the universe will make it true by matching the frequency of your wish to the actual truth. It will not work if you don't believe the wish is already happening, so if you keep wishing for something, you will actually always be craving this wish. Your energy says: I want this but I don't have it yet. For example: If you wish for more money, you will always be needing more money. By being grateful for all the abundance and money you already have (which you maybe don't have yet), the universe will send you more of this frequency, therefore sending you more abundance and money. This is greatly explained in the book (and movie) the Secret. 


How do crystals help with inner alignment?

I believe that by surrounding oneself with elements from nature, spiritual artifacts, inspiring quotes and art and above all energy loaded crystals, that it will be easier to align your body, mind and soul to each other, and to the universe. If you are interested, you can read more about my journey on my About me page and Blog. 

Making the untouchable touchable