Have you ever felt out of place?

Like you don’t fit in and others don’t understand you? Or doesn’t your job feel fulfilling to you? Living the 9 to 5 on autopilot, waiting for the weekend to come by? Do you feel stressed and tired or are you battling a burnout?

No worries, you are not alone. A lot of people on this Earth experience these feelings and hardships while doing things they don’t love. Ask yourself this question: Would I still be doing this work if I wouldn’t get paid for it? Or would I still be living this day (relationships, activities) if it were my last day alive?


So how can we change this?

To a life where you are excited and thrilled for every new day, whether it is a Monday or a Friday. There are a lot of ways how this is achievable. Most of them are not easy. Though there is a way that is guaranteed to work within 7 weeks. I am so excited about this because it worked for me, three times and I fully stand behind the company and her owner.

The guidance method used by Anjana Jagernath (iShaktie-devi) is called Quaning. ‘“Helma Lieberwerth developed the paradigm-shifting guidance methodology Quaning. Guidance with this methodology has already had a life-changing effect on the lives of tens of thousands of people. As a result, they all self-evidently live a life from within”, said by Helma.

By using quantum information and special software it is possible to find your personal life lessons and change the information in your personal information field. Thus enabling you to live and work from your purpose naturally and\or by making choices towards that purpose.

Start embracing the life that is calling you. Find your calling, know what sparks the light in you so you - in your own way - can illuminate the world.
— Oprah Winfrey

My experience with the method

As of 2019, I have done three programs with Anjana. Some not as easy as the others, but all very valuable and needed for my transformation to become more aligned with my soul and the Universe.

The first program

The first one in 2016 was because I felt so lost in my life, nothing seemed to work for me, I couldn’t find what I was good at, or find a job that suited me so I tried a lot of different hobbies that just didn’t work. I didn’t know where to go from there, and so many paths were ahead of me that I just didn’t know which way to go. For this program the goal was to become more organized, and for a creative mind like mine, who is always all over the place, can’t plan ahead and lives in a mess, this was a challenge. But suddenly during the program, I felt more at ease to clean my room, plan things ahead and create more clarity in my head. I finally could just take baby steps instead of being scared of the whole staircase. And the best thing is: It all came naturally to me during the program. Because the information is changed in your personal information field by frequenties, you won’t have to actively think about for example cleaning your room, you just suddenly feel like that’s what you should do right now, and you do it effortlessly.

The second program

The second program was in 2017 and helped me to fearlessly become myself. I have always been the weird kid when I was younger, and while I was semi okay with that, it did make things harder for me, because I didn’t fearlessly lived that way. I was scared to be myself because people don’t always accept you. By doing the program, I became more confident in who I am and why I am on this Earth. We didn’t focus on finding my purpose in this program, because I needed to learn this lesson first. And the most beautiful thing about this all is, that when you are truly and fearlessly yourself, you find other like minded people who understand you. You learn that you don’t have to try to fit in with people who are not meant for you, but you find your tribe.


The third program

This was definitely the most challenging one and took place in 2018. This was also the only program of the three that happened completely online, while I was in Portugal and Anjana is based in the Netherlands. Fortunately Quaning sessions are possible all over the world via Skype. The reason why this program felt so challenging, was because it was very confronting. Old wounds opened back up and old belief systems were triggered. My life mechanism worked full hours and tried to keep me in my trusted environment. I was very emotional during this program, but luckily Anjana was always there for me to put things in perspective and help me find the lesson out of every setback. She helped me realize I made a commitment to a different life and though it sometimes seemed scary, it was all worth it in the end. Anjana always encouraged me to have faith that it all would manifest. I just had to believe. And I knew it was true, because I felt a loud calling inside of me, that I needed to follow. This was the calling of my purpose, the Universe wanted me to pursuit.

For this program, the goal was to find my purpose and incorporate it in my daily life. Your purpose is not only job related, but it is the core of what you have to contribute to this world, for yourself and for others. My purpose is to bring harmony. The funny thing is, that I have been bringing harmony all this time, but just didn’t know it before. Now that I know my purpose, it is easier to find new ways to bring harmony. During this program I also learned what my talents are so that I could put them to use more. After the three programs, I experience so much clarity. It took some time to sink in, but now I feel in tune with the Universe and I feel that I am on the right path. I can't emphasize enough how greatly this has improved my life. And I want to bring awareness about Quaning so that you can experience this for yourself as well and find your own purpose.

Everbody wants change, but nobody wants to change.
— Unknown